Many businesses use our CRM to track and automate specific work flow processes to save time.  Here is an example of a workflow automated process:

Traffic light workflow buttons.  

Orange – get started                    Green – when completed

Click on Enquiry button – pop up date.  This can be modified to book meeting, event, course etc.

Click on Source button – choose source lead came in on.

Click on Qualification button – custom pop up screen to capture all the stages you want to ask   when qualifying a lead, project, job etc.  See example above.  Note red headings are compulsory fields.

Click on Quote button – pop up to generate quote form – could use this same layout for invoice, delivery note, booking confirmation, proposal etc.

Click Sale button to pull in pop up window – custom this area to pull in details of the sale and amount charged, including implementation etc.

Click on renewal button to pull up calendar pop up window – this could trigger email reminder to client when renewal date comes around.


 Another Popular Button is for Call Back or Follow up calls where you can set up a button to trigger a Task - see example:

Assign a Task Trigger to team members, add in description of that task and date and time

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