Port in your mobile number:

What does that mean?

We can port in mobile numbers in the UK which becomes a VoIP number on our system and we charge £9 + vat per month as line rental. 

Porting in the number means we become your telecom provider but to make make calls you can no longer use your mobile and would need a headset and softphone on your PC or via a VoIP handset.

What do I need to do?

1. Contact our support desk to advise the mobile number and mobile provider details.

2. We will check that we are able to port in your mobile number from your provider.

What is the cost to port the mobile number?

It costs £10 to port and then £9 per month for the line in your CRM account plus any calls you make via your VoIP handset/headset will be 1p a minute on landline and 3p per minute to UK mobile phones.

Pros and Cons of this method:

You keep your current mobile number.
Call costs are cheaper 1p a minute for UK landline and 3p a minute for UK mobile because the mobile number is now on the VoIP network.

Incoming calls

These calls would automatically be recorded and associated to a contact record

Outgoing calls

You would always have to dial into our network from your mobile BEFORE making the outgoing calls to ensure that the call is recorded.  If you forget to do this then the call will NOT be recorded.

For it all to run seamlessly we recommend that you buy a mobile sim card directly from us:

1. We can provide you with a mobile sim - this way you can use this for just business and separate out from you personal calls if you wish.

2. This number would be different to your current mobile number.

3. The advantage of a mobile sim is you can make calls from you mobile unlike option 1 where you would need a VoIP handset or a USB headset and soft-phone to call from your PC.

4. It would cost you 2p per minute on incoming and outgoing calls in and off of the mobile network.  Plus any calls you make would be charged at 3p a minute.

5. You can track all your calls inside your CRM account as well as record and associate calls to your contacts.

6. Contact our support desk for more information on the cost to set up a mobile sim.

Pros and Cons of this method:

We cannot pull in your existing mobile number onto the mobile sim - you will be given a new number associated to the sim.
All calls will be recorded seamlessly from the mobile.

Call costs will be higher as they are on a mobile network rather than the VoIP platform which is cheaper in option of porting in the number.


Do you port in mobile numbers from other countries?

Not at this time but we are looking at this option and hope to offer it soon.  Please note calling from abroad i.e. Europe roaming charges are 10p a minute on this network.

Can I port out my mobile number to another provider in future?

Yes you will be able to port out your mobile number.

Please be aware: if you used your current mobile to make business and personal calls then whoever knows of this mobile and is likely to call - it will pull in those call recordings if you choose to have the call recording setting on inside your CRM account.