Yes.  If you want to record an email inside a contact's record, within the History section BUT not actually email the contact then you can use the information below to do this: 

By using the contacts unique id code followed by your CRM dropbox email address you can send an email directly into the contact's record.  

This is useful if you wish to attach documents to an email and store them inside the contact's record but not actually send the person the email. 

To do this please follow the step by step instructions below: 

1. Open up the contact record. 

2. Click on the contacts email address

3. Cut the Bcc: code and email address out from the Bcc: field as shown below: 

4. Paste this code and email address into the 'To:' field of a new email as shown below: 

5. Attach any documents you may need to store to this email.

6. Add a subject line - perhaps use the name of the document(s) you have attached.

7. Click on 'Send' to send your email directly into the contacts CRM record - the email will be stored inside the contacts history section - where you will see any attachments stored. 

8. Click on the history item to view the attachments as shown below: