Time/Job Sheet Report – customised one off cost from: £250 + VAT

Track billable hours spent with a client, on a project or staff working hours/job sheet. Whatever your industry sector you can customise the time sheet to capture what information you need.

How does it work?

We set up custom fields to capture the key information you want to track – see example below:


Enter each job as it happens and keep a log of date, hours, person on job and what work was carried out. We can then pull this out into a report. (You may want to add in extra fields i.e total cost of job to be billed)

Click on the button inside your CRM account called Timesheet report to generate the report.

The heading descriptions:
* Contact - name of the client, project or staff member.
* Date would be when the work was carried out.
* Duration would be the hours the work/job took.
* Who – by whom if required and details would be what the work/job was.

To the left hand side of timesheet:
* Search by date – month by month
* Refine search via tag/categories search - search by staff, or project or client

 At the bottom of the time/job sheet: report

* Total Hours – adds up all of the hours for the month for that specific client,
project, job or staff member
* Click here to export link– allows you to export the data (once you have done your
tag search i.e. client x – hours for the month) 

There are various ways to access the timesheet report:

1. We can set the report to display in real-time on-screen
2. Automatically email out a copy of the pipeline report i.e. weekly, monthly in pdf, csv or excel format
3. Option buttons to pull off as pdf, csv or excel format inside your CRM or print to PDF.

Please Note: We can quote for excel format too if required.

This is what the time-sheet export looks like in excel format:

For more information please contact our Support Helpdesk.