e-Signature Documentation 

Many businesses require a signature on documents, forms, letters, policies or contracts from all different industry sectors i.e.

Health and Beauty: 

  • Signature on consultation form
  • Signature for cosmetic procedure treatment
  • Signature to confirm tint test has been carried out

Financial Sector:

  • Policy renewal
  • Insurance documentation
  • Mortgage application

General Business:

  • Contract signature
  • Confirmation of order to go ahead

Integrate e-Signature software with your CRM account: 

1. You will need a 3rd party application i.e. Sign Easy or Signable that allows you to create your own personal forms, letters, documents that you want to have signed i.e. consultation forms, legal forms, contract,s policy renewals etc.   

2. The 3rd party application can have 2 options:

  • Option 1. The ability to fill in the document details there and then when the client is present.
  • Option 2. To email the document for the client to sign and then send back to you via email

How does it work?

1. The document is customised with client details i.e. name and address etc

2. The document is completed and then the client reads through it to check everything is correct before signing the document via a mobile or tablet device i.e. iPhone/iPad etc.  To see more about this option where the client can physically sign their name on a mobile or table device please click here

3. The document is then saved and a copy is emailed to you, the company.

4. That email is then forwarded to your CRM drop box account (please note that we set this up for you) to feed in the information straight into the history of a contact record. 

If this is a new client when the document is forwarded, a new contact record is created in the client’s name and it will then attach the document to the contact record history.


A time saving solution that works seamlessly from the 3rd party device to your CRM account. 

Where documentation is signed giving authorisation or confirmation that action has been taken. 

It can then be tracked for future reference as and when required.  It is very important for legal reasons to ensure procedures are followed correctly but in a simple and fast way.

Cost:  to set up the auto-feed into your CRM account is £150 + VAT

Please contact our Support Desk if you wish to add this service.