Yes it is and you have a choice of  2 versions of our CRM on your mobile phone which is a cut down version or a full version as described below: 

1. The cut down version is designed for the smaller mobile screens to improve viewing and navigating around much easier. It includes Dashboard, Contact, Custom Fields and Read only Calendar.

2. Desktop version is perfect for the larger mobile screens.  It is the full version of our CRM including Dashboard, Calendar, Contacts, custom Fields, Tasks Management, Marketing, Phone, Account, Settings etc.

How to access cut down version?

When you log into your CRM account from your browser icon (i.e. Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox) you will need to enter your CRM account url address for instance: 

This will take you to the login page.  Just enter your username and password on your mobile device it will bring you by default to a cut down version that includes just the Dashboard, Calendar and Contacts sections.

How to access the full version?

1. Login to your CRM account on your mobile (so it brings up the cut down version). 


2.If you want to display the full version of your CRM account on your mobile phone just click on the 'Desktop' link which you will see at the bottom of the page as shown in the image on the right: 

3. This is a hyperlink that opens up the Full Version for you.  Click on this and it will display the full CRM version immediately for you.