1. We recommend you use browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox if using a Windows PC. 

2. If using Internet Explorer please make sure it is version 10 or higher as other versions will cause the CRM to run slowly.

3. If using a Mac PC then we recommend either Safari or Google Chrome.

4. When people report slowness with the system this is commonly down to the speed of their broadband.

Have you done a speed test to find out the upload/download speed - if you click on the link below it will give you the results:


5. Clear the cache on your computer which could be slowing up your computer and therefore affecting the speed of your CRM account.

6. If you are using a PC in windows then Press the Control, Shift and Delete keys – this will clear the cache on your computer and should resolve the freezing issue.

7. If you are using a Mac the equivalent is: Command + R  also called apple + R  cloverleaf + R

Important Please Note:  When clearing the cache NEVER clear your history or cookies as this can wipe any saved passwords.

8. Are you using List View?  If so try switching to Grid view to view your contacts instead as this can be much faster for searching contacts than using List view. 

If after doing the above you are still experiencing issues please contact our Support Helpdesk for assistance.