1. Open your email client such as Outlook, Hotmail etc separately to your CRM account.  

2. Select the email you wish to forward into your CRM account.   Click on the 'Forward' button. 

3. Next paste in your email drop mail box address in the To: part of the email see the example below which shows the email drop box address as in this example:  'businessdesk@mail.icomplete.com':

4. Please note: If the contact is already a contact with their email address recorded inside your CRM database then by entering in your email dropbox address into 'To': field this will automatically send a copy of the email into the contacts record where it will land inside the History section as shown below:

5. If you are not sure what your email drop box address is go into your CRM account and click on a contacts email address (inside your CRM account) and you will see automatically the Bcc field will populate with your email drop box address as shown below: 

6. The code at the beginning of the email address represents a unique code for the contacts record you have accessed to launch your email client.  Your CRM email dropbox address will then follow this code as shown above. 

7. To send a copy of an email into a specific contacts record then use the full code along with your email dropbox address to ensure that when you forward the email it will land inside the contact record (which the unique code relates to) where the email will be stored inside the contacts History - to see more about this option to forward an email into a specific contacts record please click here.