We provide tailor made custom solutions to help you track and manage activity.  Please read below to find out the range of custom features we can provide:

1. Report(s) with work flow custom fields 

Below is a mock-up of work flow rows within a contact along with some sample data so you can see what it will look like. It can be set up to stage all sorts of processes.

The screenshot below shows work flow of Sales Pipeline Opportunity:

In the above example you have the: 

  • Ability to add multiple lines of information. 
  • A ‘button’ to press to auto-generate a report and see the data captured in real-time. 
  • Ability to export the data to an excel spread sheet as well.

Example of a static Sales Pipeline Report:

Screenshot below shows work flow of Order tracking,  Financial Forecasting and Event tracking:

Here you can track via dates, drop down menus etc and then this data can be extracted out in report format  that can be static or dynamic.

2. Work Flow Staging and Trigger Buttons 

This work flow screenshot displays stages of a job – to help track and manage them more easily and quickly. It can allocate job number to a new job, send trigger task reminders, set up calendar events (booking job against particular engineer etc). 

It can even generate estimates and new job forms – see further examples below:

From one action i.e. job being booked triggers off other activity and auto populates it into the system so nothing gets missed. 

Easy to track and monitor. At a glance the job status stage can be seen and shared by all the team so they know who is working on what part and the system will set up dates, events, email or SMS reminders to relevant people involved if required.

3. Action buttons: - Quotation given based on your individual requirements

Click on New Estimate and up pops the form to be completed – this form get stores in the contact history of the client/customer. The estimate can also be emailed or printed off.

Another example could be a button that creates new job form – see below:  

Here is an example of the job sheet PDF it creates. It will auto populate the information entered in the custom fields (shown in screenshot below) and pull that data straight into the job sheet form.

The work flow stages can even populates the calendar – in this example it shows that by clicking on a date in the custom fields or a trigger button to book engineer this will then create a calendar event of the booking in the engineers calendar in your account and auto generate an email confirmation of event booked, as well as an email reminder on the morning job is due.

The engineer tracks job details by job number it has been allocated.

In a sales environment it could be used to track face to face sales meetings booked in by telesales team for sales people.

Action Buttons Services: can be used in a wide variety of ways here are some more examples:

  • Hyperlink button in custom fields to go to important website or url sites – useful if you need to view latest trends, stocks and shares or research information at touch of a button
  • Booking button – choose date and time in contact and it then populates this straight into the calendar
  • Auto send button out email or sms messages (linked to standard templates) click trigger button to send instantly
  • Trigger task button – click button and assigns task to specific person who will then get an acknowledgment email of task as well as a reminder on the day the action/task is due
  • Duediligence button to give access to company information (great for financial companies to check solvency or financial status of a company) – there is a one-off fee to set this up - please contact our Support Desk for pricing.
  • Report button – to auto generate daily, weekly, monthly etc reporting
  • Pop Up Script button – auto generates a pop up script of what to ask callers or clients great for telesales team to ensure all information is captured in a standardised way with fixed questions and scripts to ensure the correct answers are given
  • PDF create button – auto generate quotations, forms, letters, invoices, claim forms, consultation forms, surveys etc

4. Customised PDF letters

Create your own customised form as a letter, quotation, survey, invoice booking form etc that can be automatically emailed out to a contact from your account in a PDF format. 

When you send out a customised pdf form to a contact they in turn will then complete the information you wish to capture on the form and send it back to you. 

Once the submit button inside the form is clicked on the new data is populated in the contacts record in your account so everything is kept updated instantly, saving you time and effort.

  • Auto-create an empty or partially filled template in various formats depending on your need i.e. survey forms – questions to be asked, booking forms, letters, quotations, order forms, time sheets, job sheets with hours to be filled in etc
  • Partially populated forms that can be sent out automatically or scheduled via email
  • Trigger buttons that can generate a form within a contact to send out there and then.

The work flow stages can even populates the calendar – in this example it shows that by clicking on a date in the custom fields to book engineer it will the job to a job number for easy tracking as well as book the job in for the specific engineer using his/her specific coloured calendar and send them an email confirmation of event booked, as well as an email reminder on the morning job is due.

5. Pop Up Scripts/Forms 

Ideal for sales teams, call centres and industry sector such as trades/construction (pop up job quotations over phone), health sector (complete consultation forms), recruitment (screening candidates prior to interview) and many others.

How does it work?

1. Create a script i.e. a set of questions and answers for the telesales or sales team to follow.

2. OR Create a form i.e. consultation form, enquiry form, booking form, job/quotation form etc customised depending on your business needs.

3. We upload this script or form to pop up into a window when you press a button in your account. 

Here is a screenshot of a pop up window displaying an example of a customised script with questions and answers. In this scenario the sales team take a call and ask the questions then complete the pop up script answer boxes as they go along, saving time by capturing all the important information so nothing gets forgotten. 

We can even make boxes priority so that they have to be filled in before the document can be saved. This sets continuity amongst the team. When the script has been completed, simply click on update button.

The script/form auto-generates a new contact and creates a document of the script/form and places it in the history section of the contact. The script/form can then be edited if required or set as read-only if being regulated to ensure correct information given by the operator.

To discuss your requirements and find out prices on work-flow customised solutions please contact our Support Desk.