Access your CRM account on your Samsung Galaxy Mobile or Tablet.

It works with any Android or Windows based smart phone or tablet.

1. To access your CRM account you will need to bring up a browser window such as Google Chrome as shown example on galaxy mobile phone image (to the right)

2. Next enter your account URL link into the browser such as:

3. This will display your login screen for you to enter your username and password.

4. Be sure to click on the check box against Auto-save password to save your login details indefinitely.

5. Click on the login button and your account will load up.

Please Note: The Mobile version has 2 versions - the default will display Dashboard, Contacts, Readme only Calendar, Editable Custom Fields and History in Contacts.  


However if you want to access the full version to also include Tasks, File Repository or e-Marketing then click on the hyperlink on the main screen located at the bottom of the screen called Desktop and it will change to the Full version for you (as shown above). 

We plan to look at improving the mobile version in 2017.