You can access your CRM from your Blackberry mobile phone,  please follow the steps below to see how:

1. Enter your CRM account URL address in the browser window.

2. For example enter:

This is just an example here you would put your company name or whatever you entered when you signed up for the trial.

3. Next this will take you to a login screen as shown in the screenshot below.  

Please Note: The Mobile version has 2 versions - the default will display Dashboard, Contacts, Readme only Calendar, Editable Custom Fields and History in Contacts.  


However if you want to access the full version to also include Tasks, File Repository or on the hyperlink on the main screen located at the bottom of the screen called Desktop when you login and get to the Dashboard screen it will change to the Full version for you. 

4. Enter your username – this is always your first name and NOT your email address and then your password. 

5. If you have forgotten your password click on the hyperlink next to forgotten password and a new one will be sent to you via email to replace the old one.

6. It is a good idea at this stage to save your login by creating a shortcut key on your Blackberry home screen or by bookmarking it.

7. To create a shortcut key icon on your home screen. It will create an icon for you.  Here is a quick video link to show you how: web shortcut creator

8. Alternatively you can book mark the login details by doing the following:

  • Open Blackberry browser and select "Go To..." option from the Browser menu. 
  • Click Add bookmark,name it and Save.