Logging in via an iPhone or iPad

1. Click on either the Safari browser or Google Chrome browser on your iPhone or iPad to open up the browser window.

2. Enter your unique account URL i.e. for example: 


3. This will bring up your login screen for you to enter your username and password.

4. Make sure that you put a tick in the 'Remember Me' box to save your login details.

5. Click on Login - this will then log you straight into your account.

6. You can create a desk top icon on your iPhone or iPad to save you time logging in.

7. Simply stay logged into your account and hit the key at the bottom that looks like half a box with and arrow in it.

8. This will bring up a pop up screen – choose the ‘Add to Home Screen’ icon – enter the URL i.e. 


9. An icon will appear on your home screen. 

10. You can now click on it and it will load up your saved login details to access your account.

11. If you have difficulty understanding the information above then please watch the video link below to create a desktop icon on an iPad (Please Note: the instructions are the same for the iPhone).


Mobile Version of CRM: 

Please Note: The Mobile version has 2 versions:

1. The default will display Dashboard, Contacts, Readme only Calendar, Editable Custom Fields and History in Contacts.  

2. The full desktop version


How to Access the Desktop Version: 

If you want to access the full version to also include Tasks, File Repository or e-Marketing click on the hyperlink on the main screen located at the bottom of the screen called Desktop and it will change to the Full version for you as shown below: